3 Injured From An Exploding Water Heater

Exploding Water Heater

An employee from a Southern California gas company and two other people were injured form an exploding water heater. Their injuries consisted of minor burns and the building that housed the water heater had minimal damage. This situation could have been a lot worse and it highlights just how dangerous water heaters can be. One of those injured was a Gas Co. employee, Javier Mendoza of the utility said. “Our thoughts are with our employee and the others involved,” Mendoza […] Read more »

New Water Heater Efficiency Regulations To Be Implemented

water heater efficiency rating

By April of 2015, standard storage tank water heaters will manufactured to high efficiency standards with more insulation. While the water heaters will save money during its lifespan, it will cost consumers more in the initial installation. Taking a look at a 40 gallon heater, the typical cost to operate the old styled water heater is $277 per year. Looking at the new water heaters, the estimated cost to operate will drop to $263, giving homeowners a $14 per year […] Read more »

Hot Water Heaters in Allentown PA

The domestic water servicing your home enters the house at temperatures around 55 degrees. In order to have hot water in your house, it must be heated. The heating of the water is done with a hot water heater. The majority of homes in the U.S. have water heaters. They look like big metal cylinders or tall drums usually situated or placed in the basement or the laundry room. However, other types especially newer, more advanced water heaters, are available […] Read more »